Hammer of Thor – My Terrible Experience With The Capsules

I’ve been toying with the idea of reviewing Hammer of Thor ever since I became convinced that this product simply doesn’t deliver the results promised in the hype. The impulse has lingered in my head for a while, until recently I rediscovered something that seems to be the real answer – an alternative all-natural supplement that actually delivers some solid results.

I figured there could be tens, or even hundreds of other dudes like me out there, who wish to become their best in bed, but don’t know how to go about it. In the process of going out of their way to find help, they end up falling victims of deceptive ads and brands like Hammer of Thor. Perhaps by putting this information out there, I could save and help a few people.

How I ordered Hammer of Thor Medicine Online

It all went well, or so it seemed at the time. I went online, filled my details including name and address where they would send my delivery. I filled in the payment information and placed my order for the bottle of Hammer of Thor.

Right on the same window where I was filling my details was a claim that the product was number 1 rated, with the proven ability to offer full potency, and that the supplement was clinically proven.

I must have been naive, judging from the way I trusted these claims without seeking to dig beneath the surface. So I received my delivery days later, with so much eagerness.

“Not impressive at all!! No discreet packaging as they claimed. Poorly packed parcel and there is no authenticity certificate or user manual inside the parcel as you can see in the photo.

The product name mentioned on package was ‘Hummer of Thor’ which is not the original name. This shows they DO NOT have license to original product.”

Glaring discrepancies

There was a bit of an issue with the packaging at the time I received the delivery. While it seemed alright, the seal wasn’t exactly airtight. It was loose and appeared broken. I asked the delivery guy about it but he said it really didn’t mean anything wrong. So I believed him and took the supplement.

I also noticed the bottle color was a bit off, not the kind of blue black that I saw on the website while placing my order. But there was no way to tell whether the color wasn’t right or not. Besides, I argued that the difference might have been as a result of some light gradient at the time of taking the image on the website.

“There was no seal on the bottle. This is dangerous because it might contaminate capsules, which can be life threatening. Highly unprofessional and unsafe!”

It all turned out wrong

The truth reared its ugly head when 7 weeks later, there was no increase in the size of my penis. This was terribly discouraging since I had bought the pills because they claimed to increase the size by up to 3 inches in just two weeks. What a big, fat lie! Hammer of Thor, even though claims to increase the penis size in such a short time – just two weeks – does not increase it by even a fraction of an inch even with months of use. At least that is what I came to realize after two straight months of continuous use.

Once I came face to face with this terrible truth, I decided to get hold of the manufacturer or anyone in the company to explain the rip off to me. I wanted to know why they took that much money from me only to give me a product that does not work.

Multiple websites, the same product!

“There are many fake websites selling same product which is not a good sign because most of them are selling fake products.”

I typed the search term “Contact Hammer of Thor…” and to my surprise, different websites popped up. This made me even more curious, if not downright confused. I picked the contact that appeared on top of the search engine results page and phoned…

Not going through.

I tried the second…no answer.

Then I emailed my complaints detailing everything to the supplier though the email address they had sent me at the time of my purchase. I was hoping that this would be the right method for contacting them. However, I’m yet to get a reply to date.

Why the many product websites, all claiming to be the original Hammer of Thor dealer? Why the claims that do not materialize when you actually use the product? Why the face reviews that claim that Hammer of Thor actually works in just two weeks?

The question I can’t help asking myself to date is, does Hammer of Thor manufacturer pay people to say good things about the product while knowing well that the product doesn’t really work? Why do they deceive innocent and unsuspecting users into buying this product!

No registration, no certification, no clinical proof

I’m a curious person. I took the time out to research this company though all the means within my reach. Surprisingly, the company, which claimed to have a portfolio in the United States, Malaysia and Indonesia has absolutely no registration number or license to fall back on.

They also claim that their supplement is organic and clinically proven to work, but I’ve looked everywhere for this proof. None! You will look everywhere and you won’t find a single clinical research on the product to prove that it is clinically okay to use, leave alone whether it works or not. The only proof there is, is their word on the website, which you can’t contest.

The worst part is, there is no money-back policy in place to help you recover your lost money once you realize that this product is a total waste of time and possible risk to your health.

The many claims that will mislead you

Other than the deceptive reviews on Hammer of Thor, the manufacturer also makes some serious claims that may easily mislead you into buying the supplement like I did. They claim that Hammer of Thor improves your libido, gives you monster-sized erections and lets you stay erect for longer.

These, they say, are as a result of Hammer of Thor being able to boost your testosterone levels. Notice that testosterone is the main male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid responsible for the development of male sexual organs and overall sexual performance.

By making this claim, the Hammer of Thor manufacturer is inferring that the product can increase your sex drive when you take it, letting you perform sex at your peak.

Hammer of Thor is also claimed to promote the production of nitric oxide in the body and its delivery into the penis. Clinically, nitric oxide is known to expand the blood vessels thereby increasing blood flow and decreasing the growth of plaque and blood clotting in the body.

In this regard, Hammer of Thor manufacturer is claiming that there is nitric oxide in the product, which increases blood flow to the penis, given the reduced blood clots and widened blood vessels associated with the substance.

The manufacturer is capitalizing on the medical fact that having more testosterone and nitric oxide in the body is something that would increase blood flow not only to the various parts of the body, but the corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum which are responsible for penis erection as well.

The paradox

“What? They claim to have many Ayurveda ingredients, but on the bottle they have listed only 1 ingredient. This is clear indication of dangerous side effects this product might cause. Be careful guys!”

While the manufacturer is making all these claims about their product, Hammer of Thor, there is no alternative way for you to ascertain their clams. They have no certification or material proof of the assertions from any reputable clinical research, other than the claims that the product contains:

1. Ashwagandha

Also known as the Indian ginseng, Ashwagandha normally has numerous health benefits including some boost to one’s sexual performance and muscle energy, which explains why the manufacturer of Hammer of Thor would want to mention it prominently in attempting to market the supplement.

2. Shilajit

We all know that Shilajit has been used for centuries in Ayurveda medicine for its ability to carry energy and nutrition into the human body. There is also the argument that the herb has the potency to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as a natural remedy, which helps us understand the reason why Hammer of Thor claims to contain it.

3. Safed Musli

Another known Ayurveda ingredient is Safed Musli. If you know about Ayurveda then you must have learnt that Musli is renowned for its ability to increase libido and boost a man’s sexual drive and performance, in addition to its many other important functions in the human body. This way, it’s only logical that the manufacturer of Hammer of Thor chose to list it as one of the ingredients they have used.

Would I recommend Hammer of Thor tablets?

Absolutely not. From my experience with the product, I do not believe that Hammer of Thor works as it claims. I think the company is out to make money by selling a dubious product to unsuspecting Indians.

But I would recommend something else that I have since tried out and found to work quite well:

Titan Plus

The main reason why I wrote this review was to offer help, and that includes providing an alternative that I believe can help anyone who is looking to boost their sexual performance and increase the size of their manhood.

I started using Titan Plus about four months after I quit using Hammer of Thor. I actually didn’t have much faith in it because of the bad experience I had with the initial supplement. But after using it for about a month and seeing consistent results as promised, I developed some faith and decided to share with others. If you are reading this, you are among the few that I have managed to reach with my story.

If you want some real solid results, keep away from Hammer of Thor. I’d instead recommend that you try out Titan Plus and see your sex life change for the better.

5 thoughts on “Hammer of Thor – My Terrible Experience With The Capsules

  1. Hammer of thor is totally fake product. Their customer care promised me that they will return my money, but even after calling so many times they blocked me.

    I don’t trust this company at all.

  2. I finished 1 bottle of hammer of thor. Nothing happened because my size and time is still same. Return my money you cheaters.

  3. Friends, I have used Titan plus. It is the best product. I used it for 1 month and it has increased my timing to 40 minutes.

    Order it from official website only Titanplusin.com to avoid fake products.

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