Hammer of Thor Ingredients

I personally tried a lot but could not find any information regarding the list of ingredients used in Hammer of Thor. The company claim that it is completely herbal, ayurvedic and made with only natural ingredients, but they have not provided the ingredients even on the bottle label itself.

This is misleading for customers and by ayush ministry rules and regulations every pharma company should list all the ingredients used in formulation of the product. Sadly, Hammer of Thor does not provide the list of ingredients anywhere. Whether it is Hammer of Thor official website or product bottle, the ingredients are not mentioned anywhere.

Even on Snapdeal and Amazon where the company is selling Hammer of Thor product, they have not provided its ingredients. Some fake websites selling this product mentioned that it contains Goat weed, Shilajit (Mumiyo), Tongkat ali root as core ingredients. This itself makes me worried that it might be a fake product. Who knows? So guys beware and only by products that comes with ayurveda ingredients guarantee.

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